Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Exposure Factor

I have long wanted to write some posts about some of the things I learned in my photography class. But explaining photography in a typed blog post is much harder than it sounds. Anyhow, one of the biggest things that had helped me was understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO and how the three relate. That is the basis of all pictures. So instead of trying to explain in my limited knowledge, I am giving you two links that I think are super great:

  1. Learning About Exposure: This short article helps to explain the 3 elements that make up the exposure of your picture. If you have a DSLR or a digital camera that has a manual setting then read this. It will improve your pics a bunch! 
  2. Digital Photography School: This site is super helpful! You can sign up for a weekly newsletter that has tips in it, or just visit the site and learn all kinds of things. If you are trying to improve your skills or learn more about your camera, this is a great resource. 

Out of curiosity, how many of you would like posts about taking better pictures? How many of you have DSLR cameras?


  1. I had a DSLR, but I sold it last week in favor of a Sony Cybershot that has all the manual and priority setting options. I just felt like I could never take good pics with my DSLR in low lighting, and it required so much money to be able to take both up close and far off pictures. Anyway, I'm liking my new camera because I can still use all the stuff I learned about exposure on my DSLR with this one.

  2. And you will be able to take your camera anywhere with you! That is my biggest complaint about my dslr, it is kinda a pain to take somewhere! I have a digital camera that has manual settings too so its very convenient. low lighting sucks. i am hopefully going to get a 50 mm fixed lens soon, which is supposed to drastically improve low lighting issues.

  3. i want to learn more--really i think i need to read my camera's instruction manual...i have a digital kodak and would love something fancier but can't bear the cost!