Wednesday, July 1, 2009

so what kind is your favorite?

I have discovered that the blog world is kinda like Baskin Robbins- there are many many flavors. There is a blog devoted to every subject you could think of... babies, parenting, marriage, being frugal, working out, (as previously pointed out here) hair styles, dating, books, movies, tv shows, pop culture, decorating, baking, cooking, photography, etc etc. Like everything else today, "you can have it your way" in the blog world too. 

a friend mentioned to me the other day that she was obsessed with pregnant blogs right now. This got me thinking... does everyone have a favorite kind? A month or two ago, I wrote a post stating what my two favorite kinds were... but I do believe they have changed since then (I have gotten deeper into the obsession prob). 

So I want you to share: What is your favorite kind of blog?? If you are having a hard time just putting one, you can give me your top three! 

Sabrina's Top Three Kinds of Blogs:
1. Everyday Life Blogs (where people just share daily happenings about anything)
2. House Decorating Blogs
3. Parenting/Baby Blogs (Jamie I am going to blame this one on you...)

Ok people, spill! 


  1. i love personal/everyday life blogs and blogs about making things...whether it be crafts of some type, pictures, new OBSESSION...baking blogs!

    the pictures really make it for me--i love to see what is being made, espeically if they show step by step pictures.

    and i am totally addicted to blogs now--very few things get me as excited as when someone follows or comments on my blog!

  2. my current favorites are blogs for mothers of multiples (MoMs) for obvious reasons. i also LOVE reading about everyday life, particularly people i know. and i'm a cooking freak, so i love blogs about that too. i just love blogs in general. they make life better. :) :)

  3. my favorite would be everyday life blogs, especially my friends. Second would be frugal/coupon blogs, totally addicted to southern savers and money saving mom. i also love any kind of mommy blog.