Friday, July 31, 2009

Two became One

Ok so i have been reading a new blog and she does a series called "Show us your life", which of course is right up my alley! So this week is:

"Show us your life- Wedding Party and Flowers/Ceremony

My girls: (left to right) Karen Neal, Misty Donoho, Jilli Donoho, Me, Rachel Comer, Kristen Van Pelt

Girls who should have also been bridesmaids! Amanda Brainard (sang), Melanie Crady (read scripture)

My wedding party consisted of:
Karen 'Cooper' Neal: We have been bestfriends since high school. She is now a missionary in mexico with her hubby, Heath.
Misty Donoho: She has known me since I entered the world, because she is my big sister! She was my Matron of Honor, and I love her to death! She is now a 3rd grade teacher and is married to my bro in-law Ashley.
Jilli Donoho: I have know her since she entered the world (Ha) because she is my oldest niece! She was my flower girl and is now 10 years old (oh my gosh!!!). 
Rachel 'Duke' Comer: We have been bestfriends since college, we lived in the same freshmen dorm and became super close our sophomore year. She is now a Kindergarten teacher and is married to another good college friend, Comer. 
Kristen Van Pelt: We have also been bestfriends since high school (along with Coop), but i hated her in middle school (i was silly- of course it was over a boy!). Kris was my roommate all four years of college- we made it without killing each other! Ha! She is now an archeologist living in Arizona.  
* Amanda Brainard: Amanda sang at my wedding (with her hubby Ben) but should have been a bridesmaid. We have been bestfriends since our senior year of college, where we bonded over Survivor! She is now a stay-at-home mom to cute little Eleanor and is married to Ben! 
* Melanie Crady: Melanie read scripture at the wedding but also should have been a bridesmaid. We also became besties our senior year at WKU. Mel is like me and currently looking for a job (or retired ha) and is married to Jeff!

** For some reason
 when I got married I wanted the wedding party to be really small... not sure why. So that is why I didnt include Mel and Amanda. Looking back it is the first thing I prob would have changed... but they were with us the whole time and we had a blast! 

Justin and I got married February 4, 2006 (2-4-6 as my husband likes to point out), I think at 4:30 in the afternoon?? cant completely remember the time. i always wanted to get married in the winter bc there are less weddings and it gives you something good to remember about my least favorite time of year! It was neat bc we left for our honeymoon in snow and returned in snow... but got to enjoy 85 degree weather in Cancun for a week!

Our Ceremony was very quick, but to the point. We basically wanted everyone there to know that this marriage wasnt about us, but it is about Christ and showing his love to the world. TJ (our campus minister and my boss) officiated and did a great job. We pretty much didnt have any flowers, bc it was February and everything was so expensive! So he stage just had candles all over it and then my bridesmaids and I carried homemade bouquets made with fake flowers (which didnt look the best but I didnt really care). 

Oh weddings! feel free to write your own post and leave the link in a comment here or head over to Kelly's Korner and link up there! 


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  2. I love your girls dresses! Very elegant.

  3. i never knew your flowers were fake! I thought they were pretty! That's funny...I've always thought details like that didn't matter at all as well.

  4. Looks like a lovely wedding!


  5. I also had silk flowers. I wanted to keep my bouquet.
    How pretty you look. Everyone looks terrific. And your flowers are beautiful!