Friday, July 3, 2009

thoughts on getting a job #4


Well I havent posted anything about the job search in awhile, mainly bc there has been nothing new happening to report. I have applied for many many jobs. I had a phone interview on Tuesday for a position at WKU, so maybe something will come of that?! but back to the tip...

why no caller id? bc once you have applied for a million jobs, you are really just in a waiting game. 
waiting for them to call you for an interview.
waiting for them to cal you and tell you that you did not get the position. 
waiting for them to call you and tell you they still exist and didnt get blown up by a silent bomb that no one knew about and thats why it wasnt on the news.

you get the picture... waiting.

well lately i have noticed how my heart skips a beat each time the phone rings during business hours. then when i look at the phone number and i dont know it my heart leaps in my chest! it is about a job!! yay!!!... no actually, it is the eye doctor confirming your appointment for monday. hopes shattered...

so the best thing really is to ignore the caller ID. dont get your hopes up, just answer the phone and go from there. this will alleviate any unnecessary stress on your heart and keep you from any awkward disappointed voices when you do answer the phone and it in fact is not about a job. 


  1. i totally know how this feels! this happened to me last summer when i was waiting on calls from schools. getting excited about a voicemail only to find out it is your eye doctor or someone like that is the worst feeling! but when it actually was a principal, i about fainted : )

  2. Haha! This made me laugh out loud. I know what waiting feels like. I'm waiting on this kiddo!