Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pa-sticks Beach Vacay Day Six

All good things must come to an end... Who came up with that line? So depressing!

We slept in on Friday morning, and everyone was really slow moving. Mr.Pate and Dustin had put together a treasure hunt for Griffin, so while we were hanging out the doorbell rang. Jacob came back and said someone had delivered a paper for Griffin- it said it was a Secret Treasure Map! It had a picture of the beach on it and we decided we should go down and try to find it...

Uncle D was downstairs so we had to stop and show him...

The map said the treasure was 10 steps from the beach hut...

Griffin just kept walking and dos not seem to think these sticks in the shape of an X were the X on the map (gotta work with what ya got?!), we be convinced him we thought it probably was! Haha


We went back to the patio to open it... There were big sea shells like Griffin had been looking for the whole time!

And you could hear the ocean in them!

There was a box filled with sand treasures...

Like Shark Teeth!

He put those shells there and said, look I'm a mermaid and started dancing! Haha oh my...

Jacob went out to try his board again, now that we had waxed the right side... Still not so successful ;-)

Then we worked on packing up. Blah. Packing sucks and is no fun to spend your time at the ocean packing and cleaning.

After that we realized we had not taken any group pictures except a lackluster one at mini golf! So it was selfie time on the balcony ;-)

Also to note, everytime we got in our elevator the boys (Jacob, Dustin, Jason, Griffin) would stand with their faces in the corners. Supposedly this was bc no one would ride the elevators with them at first? Anyhow, it really made it look like Jacob was peeing in the elevator everytime! Hahahahaha

We loaded up and headed out :-(

The drive back took us 9 & 1/2 hours and we had more stops, but the kids were not fussy and did great. Whew.

Our first family Vacay was such a success! I am so thankful to the Bosticks and Dustin for inviting us and helping with the kids. Feeling blessed beyond measure.

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