Monday, July 25, 2016

Pa-sticks Beach Vacay Day One!

We set out for our first ever family vacay yesterday! We headed to Panama City, Florida to spend a week with the Bosticks (minus Katie), Uncle D and our party of four. The Bosticks have graciously invited us to their vacation, and they may be regretting it soon ;-) haha!

The Bosticks and Dustin headed out Saturday, but we stayed in BG for church and a baptism service Sunday. So we loaded up (feels like we brought the entire house!) and hit the road at 3pm. This is our boys first long car trip, and first trip to the beach!

They really did great. Grady had some fussy moments, but it was so much better than I had anticipated! We made great time and only stopped 3 times total in our nine hour trip, which with two littles I found impressive.

The only three problems with the trip so far...

1. GPS offered us a 4 minute shortcut close to Montgomery AL... This took us off the main road and we never returned! We ended up driving back roads and tiny country roads and scary roads in the dark... We were a bit terrified and super thankful we had plenty of gas!!

2. We finally got into Panama City at 11:15ish... And both kids woke up. Grady started crying and gagged himself and puked all over himself and his car seat. 10 minutes from the condo!! #areyoukiddingme It was so gross!!! We just stripped his clothes off and threw them away, wiped the seat down as best we could and then got to the condo. We washed his seat cover and Mr.Pate threw the whole seat in the bathtub to hose it down! Haha. It needed it anyway right?!

3. The kids were wide awake and pumped to be here at midnight... So we all walked down to see the beach and then got unpacked. My kids were not tired at this point, since they had just had a 4 hour nap... So last nights "sleep" was horrid. But oh well! We are at the beach, so let the good times roll!!

I have not been to Panama City since I brought BCM groups down here for BeachReach mission trips... And that was a much different environment! Haha. We are actually staying close to Club La Vela, so we have our own dance music on the patio- which my kids are loving (me too!).

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