Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pa-sticks Beach Vacay Day Three!

Well after a great night of sleep, we woke up to crazy rough water and wind, and two red flags (meaning don't go into the water). So we headed to the pool.

Me and Jenn chose to read next to the pool while the boys played. Grady had a blast jumping into Jason. Griffin got cold quick and decided to cuddle with me :-)

All day planes flew by with this message to stay out of the water on them...

During Gradys nap, I finally got to play Ticket to Ride! And I really liked it. Jenn killed us all though :-)

Jenn and Griffin made some delicious chocolate chip cookies while Justin, Jason and I played sequence...

We decided to eat out tonight and went to Captain Jack's for an all you can eat buffet with crab legs! Sooo good!

There were crawfish too, which Griffin played with like toys the whole night.

This was the view from our door when we came home, how gorgeous?!!

And I asked Grady to give me a kiss while we were hanging out, instead he laid down on the carpet and pretended to sleep... And then did it again everytime I asked. I tried to get it on camera but you know how that goes! Haha!

I took this pic to try to show how close the water had come in today compared to yesterday... If you look at the chairs you can tell...

We hung out and played games with Griffin and then slept. Grady fought it tonight but did sleep well once he got there.

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