Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pa-sticks Beach Vacay Day Two!

We may have slept horribly night one- but we are ready for some fun day two! We started the day with delicious breakfast made by the Bosticks... I am going to be majorly spoiled this week! Ha! Then we headed to the Beach!

(our balcony view!)

Grady liked the waves, if someone was holding him. But once he got out he wouldn't go back in!

Grady also hated the sand, so he sat in this chair the rest of the time we were there. He liked the waves coming up and he likes watching everyone. At least he was content!

Griffin LOVED the waves and the sand. He jumped waves with Daddy, he looked for sea shells, he built a sandcastle, and even buried Jacob!

A view of our sandcastle/looks more like a temple or mosque daddy, haha!

Griffin riding waves with Daddy.

He was proud. Jacob was a champ.

*the mermaid was made by Jennifer and Dustin, not Griffin ;-)

We came up for nap and lunch time, and then the boys headed back down to play volleyball and at the beach some. We could see them from our balcony, which is pretty cool.

When Grady woke up from nap we went down to the pool too. It felt so good!

We ate some Italian pork roast for dinner and hung out around our room mostly that night. We had a quick Walmart trip, and some late night ice cream :-)

Grady actually went to sleep easily and we were able to put him in the pack n play- score! So the Pates slept beautifully night two. Woo hoo!

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