Sunday, August 7, 2016

Griffin's Superhero 5th Bday!

How is this kid 5 years old?! Wow!

Mr.Pate and I decided to give him our present the night before his party so we could enjoy it and not be rushed.

His very own roller skates! Daddy found them online for only $20, score!

They skated around the house and in the driveway that night.

The next day we had his superhero party!

Batman even showed up!

Not a fan of the cape ;-)

We dressed up for a bit, but that room was so burning hot! Ugh!

We did a piƱata, which was a hit! (See what I did there?! Haha) Look how cute Eden looks!

Our whole crew- we have the best family and friends!

Wish I had gotten pics of the four of us and of Mr.Pate's family too, but I was slacking!

YouTube Video

After the party, we went to Mexican with Grandma & Papaw. This kid loved this part ;-)

And my boys enjoying their new chairs from Uncle D!

Happy Birthday Griffin Pate!

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