Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Cast

Well Monday I went back to work, but the boys and Mr.Pate had snow days again. It was such a crazy day. In the middle of it, we headed to the Orthopedic surgeon for Grady's fracture. We waited FOREVER. Which is miserable in general, but with two kids (and one of them being 1) it was pure torture. Plus it was payroll Monday and I was stressing!

Anyhow, the doctor decided he needed a full leg cast. He said kids his age can't slow down and can easily hurt the fracture more. So they casted it right there in about ten minutes. Big Bro picked the color blue, because it's his favorite.

We let Griffin sign the cast that night.

So far Grady has done great with it. He drags it as he crawls and loves bang it on stuff to hear the loud noise.

He has to keep it on for 4 weeks. We go back next week to make sure it hasn't gotten lose when the swelling goes down.

Oh the adventures with boys!

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