Friday, January 22, 2016

One snowy day in January...

It's January 22 and we had our second WKU snow day of the year! These past few years I have been very surprised with these "big snows" we have been getting (big at least for KY).

We started our day with Mr.Pate making us Olaf waffles and delicious crispy bacon! Awesome!! Then we were serenaded by a pan band...

Griffin actually kept some good beats and made up some fun songs. He loves music and dancing so much.

Then I got started on cleaning out Gradys closet, which I thought would be pretty quick... Famous last words right?!!

It turned into an all day affair that I worked on off and on. Man we have a lot of clothes!! But I got them organized better and hopefully ready to take ones we aren't using to friends. Yay for productivity.

We tried to wait for it to stop snowing before going out, but it just never stopped. So we ventured out after Grady's nap. We got quite a bit of snow, and it was just still really powdery and hard to do much in.

But it was great snow for burying Daddy! And I'm his words, "who needs to beach? I don't like sand anyways!" Haha!

Back inside we had a light saber battle...

And then some major meltdowns before and during dinner.... Yay...

Griffin and I ended the night watching the new Cinderella cuddled up in my bed. "Have courage and be kind"... It was cute and a much needed restful non drama filled end to the day.

I am wondering how long we will be snowed isn't really supposed to warm up at all tomorrow or Sunday so it might be a few days. We shall see...

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