Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015: Candlelight Service

This year Redeemer & Jackson Grove did a Candlelight Service together the Sunday night before Christmas. It was a wonderful night.

It started off with the kids doing a play of the first nativity, kid-style. It was super cute and funny! I will post the videos in a separate post.

We had the animals dress up like any animal outfit they had, so we had an owl, lion, some sheep, and a dog. So cute. We let Mary and Joseph dress up, bc wouldn't you be super dressy after having a baby in a stable?! And our "wise men" (women) were a mix of old world look and a "wise" looking teacher look. Love it.

Then Jackson Grove provided some music and we provided some music. It was wonderful.

And we ended the night by standing in a circle around the sanctuary and singing Silent Night by candlelight.

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