Saturday, July 4, 2015

Week in Review {6/22-7/3}

So maybe it's more like two weeks in review?! Ha!

So here is what we have been up to:

Parking Lot Party (I will do a whole post on this one, but this is where we have been spending our Tuesday's)

This one is enjoying (I promise he was smiling before I took this!) buggy rides at school like a big boy!

We partnered with Jackson Grove Baptist and did VBS (whole post coming).

We had some downtime to play at home!

I went to hang out with these beautiful ladies.

We went to Easton's bday party (see previous post).

We had church. And our Redeemer Kids are the cutest there are ;-)

We went to Louisville to celebrate the 4th at Aunt Lisa's (post coming).

My boys stayed at Grandma's for two nights and got some good quality time with her and Papaw.

This one got in a swing for the first time.

Went to parking lot party again.

Transitioned out of the swaddle into a zippadee doo.

We went to the theater to see Inside Out! (Big treat bc we never go to the theater) so cute!

Played around the house ;-)

Went to Beech Bend!

Pretty full two weeks! Whew!

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