Saturday, July 18, 2015

Griffin is 4!

I can't believe my oldest is 4!! Griffin is one of the sweetest, smartest and funniest kids I have ever seen.

He has taken to being a big brother so so well, and he truly loves it. He is so helpful with Grady and has rarely gotten jealous so far. Seeing him play this role has been one of my absolute favorite joys in life.

He is so independent now. The other day I realized he can go in the kitchen, get a cup, select ice on the fridge door and get ice, then select water and fill up his cup. When did he get so self sufficient?! He can brush his teeth with real toothpaste now, and get himself completely dressed (minus tying shoes or buttoning buttons).

(This is him "preaching" the Hav, Bro, daddy and me earlier this year. How cute?!)

We took him to his first play, and he LOVED it!

This summer he completely surprised us by being all about rides at Beech Bend! He made us ride the big swings a zillion times, and the kids drop ride is his new favorite. He has a love for rides like his mommy & daddy! Yay!

Little man love loves loves to sing and dance, and he has become obsessed with those "unboxing" YouTube videos:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

He is a hoot!! Griffin Alan we love you fiercely! You have brought so much joy and love to us. We thank our Lord for you.

And to start tracking from year to year, and Here are his answers to some questions about himself:

  • Favorite food: cheese and broccoli

  • Favorite activity: crafts, Play-doh, talk a lot, sing a lot, sleep a lot, be lazy

  • Favorite place: Chuy's, church,

  • Dream job: a nurse because they help people, a superhero

  • Funniest thing: when someone says a funny joke and I start to laugh!, when my friends(Gavin, Lilli, or Chase) burp and I start to laugh

  • Best friend: Lilli- because sometimes she says funny words and I laugh, Easton- because he burps and toots, Eli because he is that's all

  • Where do you live: In a house

  • What does heaven look like: like the sky when you are on earth, and also Mema is in heaven

  • What is momma's job: You work at western and make money for the bank

  • What is daddy's job: to work at Servpro and take money to the bank too

  • What animal: elephant bc they have a trunk they can spray water out of

  • What will you be when you grow up: a singer like haven and bro

  • Favorite Color: blue

  • Favorite Toy: toy microphone

  • Favorite Instrument: my guitar

  • Favorite Game: heads up

  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas because of presents

Something funny from this last year I don't want to forget:

  •  "Am I cut off?" & "Last call": Pretty funny things to hear in a non-drinking household eh?! Earlier this year, we started having to cut Griffin off from eating and drinking around 7:30. He quickly caught on and these are the phrases you will hear in our house nightly. Hahaha One night, Mr.Pate had just gotten home late and was offering Griffin and I some of the food he had picked up. Griffin, without skipping a beat and while perched on the arm of the couch watching a show, turns and matter-of-factly states, "Well, I'm cut off." and went back to the show. Hahaha It was so funny in person. 

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