Sunday, July 19, 2015

Griffin's 4th Birthday Dance Party!

This year, Griffin decided on a Dance Party for his birthday. The boy LOVES to dance and sing, so it was a perfect choice for him. And of course, once again, Gammy Becky out did herself on making it AMAZING!! We had such a blast, got to spend time with tons of friends, and it looked so incredible. 

 For the centerpieces, Becky actually melted real records into bowls! She is so crafty. We had pop rocks and rock candy come out of them and it looked perfect. She used real records as place settings also.
One of the awesome parts of the decorations were the black drapery. Becky totally had that idea to call in a favor to get those and it looked so good. I never would have thought to ask. The main banner and focal point of the room had "Just Dance" spelled out on records hanging with ribbon.
The goodie bags were awesome. She found bubbles that looked like a microphone in them. 

The cake was awesome and really cheap!! It was a guitar made out of cupcakes and my local Kroger's did it for less than $20! The only negative? That icing was dark and a total mess!! Note to self, only light icing next time... 

During the party we had a karaoke machine with a cd of Griffin's favorite songs playing. Then we turned on a projector and had a youtube playlist of Just Dance videos of kid friendly songs. So. much. fun. We also had cardstock guitars the kids could decorate and take with them. 


We even got to see Kiki again!!! 

What a fun day celebrating our cute, growing-up 4 year old!!

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