Friday, July 3, 2015

Beech Bend Fun!

We have Season Passes to Beech Bend once again (yay Christmas presents! Thanks Mom & Dad!), and we are finally starting to use them. We had a busy start to summer with church softball, Parking Lot party, Bible Study, and some holidays thrown in there etc. But we are determined to get there much more regularly the rest of the summer.

A few weeks ago, we randomly ended up with a free Thursday night. So, we decided to head over to Beech Bend and at least ride a few rides before they closed. I should be honest, I had seen their Facebook post that Dippin Dots were free on Thursdays in June and was determined to go! Ha! It was a perfect time to go because there was hardly anyone left there. Griffin got to ride all the kid rides with no waits. Yay!

We went to the "petting farm", which I think we should rename the "pet a billion cute goats farm". Ha.

Little man had a blast watching brother ride rides. He is a people watcher :-) #hegetsithonest

They got a new kids ride this summer- Monster Trucks! Pretty cool.

Inside the Spinning Dragons...

He was proud that he has his very own pass this year!

We decided to go back today, and Uncle D finally has his cast off and got to join us! It rained on and off all day, so we only went for a few hours after nap time. We did the amusement part today and hope to do the water stuff tomorrow.

He rode with his arms up and "relaxing" the whole time. Ha!

This ride is called Whip, and it whips you around on the two ends of the ride. After it would sling Griffin he would wipe his forehead as if to say "whew". Haha! What a ham.

Yep. My 3 year old rode the swings today. The normal adult ones. And he LOVED them and was begging to go over and over.

We had a great time! A storm rolled in and we were getting in the car literally just as buckets of water started coming down. Good timing. Hopefully we can go tomorrow for the "lazy Susan" (Griffin gets the lazy river and the lazy Susan at home mixed up, haha!).

Yay for 3 day weekends!!

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