Friday, October 28, 2011


- I am growing my hair out already. Short hair does not always equal easier. I need a good ponytail in my life.
- I have come to the realization that I will not be wearing cute jewelry for, oh let's say, the next two years of my life. I miss dangly earrings.
- This means scarves will be my only accessory... Good gift idea!
- I have always had a dry, flaky scalp. But it's on steroids now. I use the hardcore selson blue.. To no avail. Any other ideas??
- It is cold! Typing and walking don't mix in cold- my hand is freezing!
- Pinterest makes me want to bake and cook so bad! But I have no time in my life to do this...

It's Friday!!!!


  1. 1.)I put my jewerly on after I drop Elsie off at mom's. Or sometimes I wear a necklace if I think she is going to be fussy because I know she will be happy eating it.
    2.)I have the same problem with Pinterest.
    3.) Have you tried T-Gel for the scalp?

  2. TI have not tried t-gel, thanks for the suggestion Amanda!