Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 Months Old!

3 Months Old

Three Month Stats:
  • We dont go back to the doctor till 4 months, so I do not know what the boy weighs or how long etc. 
  • Clothing: He is in 0-3 month and 3-6 month. He is almost too long for a lot of the 0-3 month clothing. 
  • Nursing: We are still at it! Yay! A feeding takes around 15-20 minutes still. I am so glad we kept at it, because I love having this time with him! Pumping at work isnt so bad either. 
  • Griffin is still spitting up like crazy! We are trying the chiropractor and probiotics right now, so Ill keep you posted on how that goes. 
  • Schedule: We are still mostly on a 3 hour schedule. Naps at daycare are random and usually not long, which is frustrating. Any ideas on how to fix this??? On the weekends he naps great for me. 
  • Nighttime Sleep: Griffin was sleeping from 7:30ish until 6:30 in the morning, except for the dreamfeed around 9:30. But for a week of the last month he randomly woke up several times a night crying.... and now every couple of nights he cries in his sleep until we go put his pacifier back in his mouth. Weird. 
  • Griffin loves to sit up now (assisted of course in his bumbo or on your lap). He wants to see what is going on! 
  • The boy is blowing spit bubbles or slobbering at almost all times. 
  • His hands LIVE in his mouth right now. 
  • He is trying hard to laugh, but cant quite do it yet. It makes for some funny sounds. 
  • He can now reach out and grab toys on purpose. He also can put his paci back into his mouth most of the time (its a wubbanub). 
  • We started carrying him front facing in the flip carrier and he loves that. I also started doing the hug hold instead of the newborn hug hold with the moby. Much more comfy for him, he is too long for the newborn one. 
  • He rolled over for the first time!! This was actually the week after he turned 3 months, but since I am late with this post Ill include it now. He rolled from front to back this weekend! Yay! Still hates tummy time though. 
  • He makes noises all the time! 
I cannot believe its been 3 months. I love this kid sooo much!!!

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