Thursday, December 31, 2015

November in Review, Part 2

Continued from part 1...

We went to Louisville for the Pate extended family Thanksgiving at Aunt Lisa's.

And had some quality time with Grandma too.

We had lots of fun times with our church framily.

We had some ninja fighting nights... I am so lucky to have a team of fierce fighters to protect me.

I celebrated another birthday, and my sweet hubby, Becky, Amber and coworkers spoiled me :-)

My gift from becky and new fav game :-)

We had a sports night with church.

And had some sharp dressed men walking around our house :-) hahaha....

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Dustin's (see previous post).

I traveled to TN and Karen and I went on a baby tour. Several of our friends had babies in November (and one had one 9 months ago but we haven't been able to meet her), so we saw them all in one day!

Then we decorated for Christmas!!! Yay!!!!!

We celebrated Becky's bday with a game night. Too fun.

Now it's time for my favorite month of the year!

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