Thursday, December 31, 2015

November in Review, Part 1

Since December is almost over, I figured I should document November. Haha!

We kicked the month off with Grady's 1st Bday.... More on that later.

This little man started walking...

And sitting in chairs and just being more of a toddler all around...

This little man had a sick day with Mommy at work...

And my coworker built him a fort!

We went to the WKU Homecoming Parade with some friends...

Drew and Griffin even had a stick fight! Ha!

Our kids got tons of candy and because their is always a ton of people coming by with the sororities and fraternities, it really makes for an exciting parade for littles.

This little man started eating bagels like a big boy. And enjoyed playing with Cartney.

We went to the WKU homecoming game and ran into one of Griffins teachers!

... Part 2 coming up...

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