Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015: Christmas Around the World

Every year, Gammy Becky visits another country. And for the last three years, she has brought back the Christmas customs from that country for Griffin. She types out a whole booklet explaining the traditions and customs of that country, and has gifts that relate to it. I love this so so so much. We have saved all of them, and though we have fun with them now, I cannot wait until Griffin is a bit older and can remember and really know them. How cool?! We always do them on December 5th, to celebrate St Nicholas Day because the first one she did was from Holland and we got a wooden shoe to put out :-)

This year was from Italy!

He got a pop up book of Pinocchio, which he was so excited about. Apparently we don't have any pop up books? Who knew.

And a book about Old Befana, the Christmas Witch.

And a Pinocchio ornament.

And Griffins favorite part every year, the platter of yummy treats! He was obsessed with the gold coins Gammy. Like obsessed. Haha!

Gammy makes his name in chocolate (and that is peppermint bark on bottom!).

And this year she gave us a chocolate orange, which is apparently really popular in Europe?! You have to hit the orange really hard to pop the pieces open, like really hard! But it was delicious!! We all loved it!

There were tons more yummy treats too. I am so thankful for this tradition. Thanks Gammy, we love you!!

To see one picture from last years (I was slacking with a newborn!), click here. And to see the first year, click here.

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