Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015: Breakfast with Santa

We headed back to Chaney's Dairy Barn for Breakfast with Santa again this year. We chose to go on a Thursday night like we did last year, and I still loved how it worked out for us. It just seems less busy and less rushed than going in the morning.

Santa greeted us at the door, and Grady actually gave him a high five and seemed to like him. I was hopeful this encounter was going to go better than the Polar Express Santa went.

We sat upstairs to grub, and it was delicious like always.

Look at the joy on their faces!

Santa walks around and speaks to every child during the meal. It is great. Grady loved when Santa came to the table.

We made an ornament upstairs.

Then headed down to the main event... Santa!

Griffin did great and was super excited.

Grady however...

He wasn't having it! I think he liked the Santa but not being put in his lap. Not at all. Griffin continuing to smile picture perfect cracks me up! Haha

My boys are such studs :-)

The big cow is always a hit.

I just feel like this is a great, laid back way to see Santa. But as I said last year, I think our experience is better because we always go with the Peaches. So bring a friend and head out next year!

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