Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas 2015: Opryland Lights!

On Sunday, we headed down to Nashville four our fourth annual Opryland lights with the Broadys. This might have been the best year so far. The weather was 70 degrees, which made walking from Opry Mills to Opryland much more enjoyable!

We decided to eat at the Aquarium this year to try something new. The kids were all pretty impressed with the fish. We had a horrible and rude waitress though. Seriously one of the worst have ever had.

After dinner the littles shared a stroller for a minute:

It was very funny. We went and grabbed our stroller and headed on over to Opryland. At the main entrance where you walk over from Opry Mills they put up a cute ornament photo op this year. We were all super excited to take a picture...

... Well maybe not Grady :-) hahaha!

We started at the big tree in the Delta area, but then there was some controversy on how we wandered around after that. (Apparently I did not stick to the way we always go... Who can remember?!)

These trees were new in the Delta area, I love them!

Side note, Our stroller is great for outings like this. It handles great, Griffin can get on and off quick, Grady is comfy. Win win.

This tree is new in cascades or garden conservatory, I can never tell which one is which. It was so pretty and very big.

We headed outside and saw the nativity and took a bunch of selfies by the big tree, thanks to Bro's stellar skills with my selfie stick ;-)

The above may only be funny to a few of us :-) and the below may be where griffin got a hold of the selfie stick for a few minutes...

I didn't get a picture of it, but they put up some awesome new lights and decorations in the Garden Conservatory Atrium. Big musical notes and instruments. {after publishing, Haven sent me a pic! Haha, so enjoy}

And then Mr. Pate insisted we find the fountain show before we leave, which turned out to be the best part of the night. We got there pretty much when it was starting, and it was awesome. It was a reading of scriptures about Christmas with an amazing water show. I am really impressed they still do such overtly Christian things.

We caught a sleigh ride home...

Or maybe we went to our van, packed all of us in it and drove the Broadys over to their car!

It was a great night. All the kids were great, the weather made it enjoyable, and going on a Sunday helped it not be so crowded. Loved it.

And ps. The Pates won the great elevator race of 2015 :-)

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