Sunday, May 3, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a great Easter weekend this year. Mr.Pate and I decided to do an Easter Basket for Griffin for the first time (we have just skipped it the past few years bc he was too young to get it, and we skipped Grady this year😉).

We decided to give the "unEaster Basket" idea a try. (You can go here to read more about it: So while Daddy practiced softball Saturday, I had griffin hunt for big rocks for a surprise. He actually got soo into it and it kept him entertained for a long time. Woo hoo!

When we got home, we got the rocks and talked about our sins and what we struggle with. It was slow at first but then he started to get it. Then after we had discussed several sins and how we needed a Savior, we covered the baskets up with a red blanket. This is where reality with a 3 year old set in, so Griffin started throwing a fit because he just knew we were taking his rocks away and never giving them back. Geez! So when we finally calmed him down from a fit, we just had him close his eyes while we switched stuff out. Just keeping it real how the best plans really don't always turn out perfectly. We switched the rocks out for his real Easter basket to show that Jesus takes our sins and gives us the gift of Eternal Life instead when we choose to believe in Him. We got him a new bible/devo book, a veggie tales movie, a "What's in the Bible" episode about Jesus life and death, and a few small stickers etc.

Easter Sunday we went to church of course, then headed to Uncle D's for lunch. Mr.Pate's family came down for church and lunch. Then the boys got to open their Easter baskets- and they got way too much ;-) then we hung out and relaxed. It was a great weekend filled with some fabulous quality time. Yay!

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