Saturday, May 16, 2015

Grady is 6 Months Old

Grady has turned 6 months old!! Where oh where has time gone?! I am feeling like this is my sweet spot with having two so far. He is still small enough to cuddle and be a baby, but he is also giggling and jabbering and doing fun things too. It's been a great month. 

He is 17lbs 9&1/2 oz (54th percentile) and 27" long (69th percentile)! He is getting to be a big ol boy! 

He is wearing 6 and 6-9 month clothes. KneKne helped clean and organize his closet this month, so now it's filled with summer apparel, most of which was Griffins before. I look at these clothes and can't believe I already have a second kid who can wear them! I love how it reminds me of when Griffin was little. 

Grady slept fantastic majority of this month! He continued with his 8:30ish until 5:45ish only waking once for a paci or not at all, until this past week when he started waking multiple times a night! I am hoping we are just having a growth spurt right now and it's not a new habit. He is generally taking two longer naps now and one shorter one in the evening. We are still swaddling at night bc it seems to help him a ton. 

He is sitting up pretty well, though not all by himself for long. He is big enough for the exersaucer now and likes it quite a bit. He still loves laying and kicking though. He is a big fan of his Sophie the giraffe, and his little stuffed bunny from Easter (Grandma maybe?). 

He rolled from his belly to back this month, but still no back to belly. 

He is just a joy. He is generally such a happy baby and adores his brother above all! As you can see in this video below: 

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