Friday, April 10, 2015

Grady is 5 Months Old!

Well, I am behind as usual, ha! Grady turned 5 months old a week and a half ago.

This isn't a doctors appointment month, so I have no idea how big he is. But he is definitely growing! We are now in 3-6 month, 6 month, and some 6-9 month clothing. He is way too long for any straight 3 month clothing, and many of the 3-6 month footed onesies are too short for him. He continues to be long :-)

He is eating 5 oz in his bottles and nursing great. We are definitely in the groove now where nursing is a joy and a breeze, so if you have a younger one and are struggling- keep going! It gets so much better. He is still on a three hour eating schedule typically.

Grady has continued to be a great sleeper this month. His naps are sporadic and sometimes long but sometimes short, however it doesn't seem to phase him too much. At night, he usually eats for the last time between 8-8:30ish then sleeps until 5:30-6ish. About half of this month he woke once or twice in the night each night for his paci, then went right back to sleep. The other half he just slept. So far it's amazing. We still swaddle each night.

This month he started LOVING toys. Mostly he loves to put them in his mouth. Griffin shared a little Elmo stuffed animal one night and Grady was obsessed with eating him or holding on tight. It was super cute.

I see no signs of teeth yet, but we are full on in the drooling like crazy and hands must be in my mouth stage. So we just might see some soon.

This month he started actually laughing/chuckling. Such a cute sound. We mainly get laughs when he try to get his belly.

He is still about his brother. Anytime Griffin acts silly, dances or tries to get his belly Grady gives the biggest smiles. I really hope a sweet friendship will continue their whole life. Watching them interact is my favorite part of having two kids. It is sooo sweet.

His hair has majorly come in red this month, and everywhere we go people comment on it. I adore it.

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