Saturday, May 16, 2015


Griffin is such a ham these days. They boy is hilarious. There are a few little sayings that we don't want to forget, so it's time to get them down before I forget! 

"Cut off":
  • A few months ago, we had to start limiting Griffins eating and drinking after 7:30ish. I started telling him he was cut off and it was his "last call" for eating and drinking. 
  • A few days after starting this, Mr. Pate had come home later after an event at work and brought food with him. He asked us if we wanted any, and without skipping a beat Griffin looked over, shrugged his shoulders and said "I'm cut off". I wish I could have videoed the way he said it, it was hilarious! 
  • He will randomly ask at night, "am I cut off?" and it just sounds so funny. 
  • This one goes along with being cut off. We were coming back from somewhere a few weeks ago and it was after Griffin had been cut off for the night. He has his waterbottle in the cup holder of his car seat. He tells us that his waterbottle is still back there and we need to take it because he may drink it and not be able to help it. Again, it was the tone in which he said it that made it so funny, but I am recording it so hopefully we can remember. It was hilarious- he really was trying to flee temptation. Haha! 
  • We explained to him what temptation was, and now if we are in the car late at night he gives us his drink and snack so he won't be tempted. 
Softball Cheering:
  • At the first game, when Mr.Pate went up to bat Griffin yelled out "Go daddy, make momma proud!" Haha! I have no idea where he heard that one. 
  • He yells for our teammates and gives them nicknames! He yelled for Jennofer last night and said "good job Jen Jen". Haha. 
  • A few weeks ago, Griffin got the setup below out and started "preaching" to us and the Broadys. 
  • He was asking us questions about Jesus and when his birthday was and when he died on the cross. It was soooo precious. 

Slip n slide: 
  • We went over to Lilli's to play on her slip n slide last week. Poor griffin just couldn't quite get how to slide on his belly. He keep actually jumping then landing on his knees. It looked hilarious. 

Love this little man and how unique and fun his personality is! 

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