Friday, January 16, 2015

Seasons... Be all There

Something I read from the Living Proof Ministries Blog that I needed to hear and remember and try to live right now (and maybe you do too):

"WHEREVER YOU ARE, BE ALL THERE. This is what God is showing me because in the busyness of life I can easily lose focus. Don’t be longing for another season and miss what’s going on around you now. This deception is one of the biggest lies of the enemy of our souls; the distraction and discontentment with where we are today. Embrace your season: SEASON – SAVOR EVERY AVAILABLE SENT OPPORTUNITY NOW! Some are more enjoyable than others, sure they are! Just as changes in seasons bring mosquitoes in summer or storms in winter, there are extremes in our lives. Some of you empty nesters may suddenly find yourself caring for both your grandchildren and aging parents. Some of you young women may be longing for marriage. Some of you stay at home moms or single moms may have to go into the workforce for a season to pay the bills. If our entire lives were one continuous season we wouldn’t have the changes we desperately need to help us grow. As much as I love to garden, if every day were spring or summer, I wouldn’t have autumn to harvest, or winter to dream and plan.....

 Embrace whatever season you are in now. RIGHT NOW. Don’t long for another season. I know the days may be long, but at my age, the years seem so short. So wherever you are, be all there. Because of Jesus, one day we will be “SEASONED TO PERFECTION” and live with Christ for eternity. Let’s get there one day at a time and savor our seasons as God wills. Because He has made everything beautiful in its time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)."

I feel like all of us are always longing for the next season. Satan tricks us into thinking the next season will be easier/better/happier/more abundant/etc... and we miss out on the beauty of the season we are in right now. Sure it may be hard. They all are. Life is hard because we live in a fallen (sinful) world. Period. We may look around and think we are the only ones struggling, but we aren't. All are struggling in some way. Its the reality of sin. But Praise Jesus that we have a hope and a future because of His sacrifice.

Just a reminder today.

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