Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Grady Pate is 2 months old!

Grady turned 2 months old last Tuesday, and decided to celebrate by getting RSV. :-( Luckily he is much better this week! Praise the Lord!

Some info on Grady at this stage:

- He is long. He is in the 76%tile for length! Ha.

- He is skinny. He doesn't really have any fat rolls, ha. I think he is in the 30ish%tile for weight.

- He started smiling and making excited faces this month. I love love love when they can get excited back when you talk to them. So cute!

- He started hard core kicking legs and moving arms on purpose. He loves to lay on his back and kick his legs like he is running a marathon.

- This kid is a stretcher! When you pick him up he immediately does the "c stretch", which is when he puts his head and arms back, arches his back and basically forms a c. Too cute. He is also a grunter! He is always grunting and making noises. Especially when you lay him down.

- He is not spitting up as much. For a few weeks we thought he was gonna follow in Griffins steps and spit up all the time. Thankfully it has lessened quite a bit now! I stopped eating dairy bc it was making him really gassy and unhappy, and I think that helped.

- He is usually sleeping 5 hr then 3hr now. He has done a few 7 Hr stretches now too. He goes right back to sleep usually so the night feedings don't really bother me.

- He is in 0-3 month clothing and filling the length out well now. He is long and skinny right now :-)

- He is sleeping in his crib now (well he was until RSV hit). I am swaddling him.

- Griffin is still loving him and loving on him. He has started trying to hit him or squeeze him etc when he has gotten in trouble, as a way to act out. It's to be expected I suppose. But he is still over the moon for Grady and always wants him near him.

- Grady is generally a really content baby. He loves to lay on the floor and kick his legs and chill.

- He loves to take naps on his belly.

- He has lost a lot of his hair :-( He still has a thick patch on his lower head/neck and it looks like a mullet. Ha!

- He took his first bottle with no problem! Griffin did the honors.

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