Saturday, January 3, 2015

A fun day to remember

Yesterday, we had the best day with Griffin. This Christmas Break has been a real struggle. We have passed sickness around, dealt with massive three year old fits and attitude, been really out of routine, traveled a lot, and had to focus lots of attention on sick Grady. It's been exhausting actually and not at all a break!

But yesterday was nearly perfect! So I decided to document it for my own encouragement on a hard day later.

Griffin and daddy took down the Christmas decorations and Griffin was super helpful. He loves to go to the attic with Daddy and did a great job obeying the rules up there. He went down for his nap without a fit. Once he got up he played some on his own, and some with us.

At one point I walked into his room and his daddy was filming him making a "playdoh video" like on YouTube. Haha! He loves to watch those weird videos. He could watch them all day.

Then he and I decorated and played with some silly photo booth props he got for Christmas, while daddy cooked dinner.

He and daddy played with the nerf guns Santa brought us in our stockings while I cleaned up the kitchen. And wouldn't you know, they started sneaking up and shooting me! After I finished, we played a game where me and griffin would hide in a room and daddy had to find us. When he came in we would shoot him! Ha. Then we switched. It was too much fun. Daddy tends to be the fun one, and so I am really glad I joined the fun this time. I needed that after this long week. Daddy and Griffin also practiced shooting cups.

Then it was time to wind down for bed, so we played Candyland. And Griffin actually let us play the correct way the entire game! I was very proud. He usually decides he wants to move wherever he wants and that's that. Griffin won. Daddy was a close second. Mommy came in way last. Ha.

I needed a day like yesterday. I have felt like I have spent most of the days of this break fighting and disciplining Griffin till I am blue in the face. I know it's part of this phase but it is sooo not fun. Glad to have a whole day filled with good memories and not a single spanking!

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