Monday, February 9, 2015

Grady is 3 Months Old!

Grady turned 3 months old on Jan 30th, and I am just now getting around to giving an update on him. Geez. Haha.

It's been quite the month! He got RSV right at the beginning of it, which was terrifying in such a small baby. He is all healthy and good now, thankfully.

As far as "stats", this is not a go to the doctor month but I weighed and measured him at Havens to get a rough idea. He weighs around 13 lbs and was about 24 & 1/2" long. He continues to be long and lean, with not a ton of fat rolls.

He dropped his middle of the night feeding about two weeks ago. So our typical sleep pattern is go to sleep around 6:30-7, I wake him to feed him around 8:30-9 and then he sleeps until 5:30am. It's kinda early but works well for my morning schedule so I will take it! Now, Griffins sleep got all crazy with his 4 month "sleep regression" so we will see if our pattern lasts.

He sleeps in his crib in a Velcro swaddle. He loves to be swaddled. For his naps at home now we swaddle him in a blanket and he just drifts to sleep happy as a lark. He is a mover at night now. He scoots himself all the way down his crib until he is kicking the end. He scoots sideways sometimes too. Every time I wake up and look in the monitor I am never sure what I will see. Ha!

He definitely does not spit up as much as Griffin did, but he is spitting up some after every feeding. He also spits up every single time you put him in the car seat.

This month he started really being expressive and having excited faces etc when you start talking to him. Griffin gets the biggest smiles every time he gets close. Maybe because he is smaller? I don't know, but it makes Griffin so happy.

He loves to lay on his back and kick those legs still. It's his favorite place to be.

The biggest change this month was me going back to work and Grady starting daycare. The first week was a rough one. He wasn't napping bc it was loud and they were not swaddling him, so he was getting over tired and fussy. They thought that meant he was hungry and told me every day I wasn't sending enough milk. Well I was sending all I was pumping, so that stressed me out. Ahh!! After that first week, he started napping there and "suddenly" they said he seemed content with the amount of milk I was sending. Ha. Whatever. Now we are in a groove and doing pretty well. There are only two actual babies in his class, all the rest are toddlers. Grady is the youngest. The only downfall is he is exhausted when he gets home and basically only stays awake for like 30-45 min after we get home. Then he sleeps all night. So we don't see a ton of him while he is awake during the week.

He started noticing the fan or toys dangling this month. He cracks up if Daddy makes him hit the toys on his bouncer and they start swinging. Too cute.

Griffin is still smitten with him, and it is looking like the feeling is gonna be mutual. I am so thankful for that.

Here are some pictures from the last month with Grady :-)

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