Thursday, December 4, 2014

Grady Pate at 1 Month

Grady is one month old already!

- Just this week he is pretty much out of newborn sleepers. 0-3 month is still a little long but he is filling them out much better.

- He did his first for real smile this week....

- He typically nurses every 3 hours, but this week it's been every 2, whew! At night, he typically goes one stretch of 4-5ish hours and then 3 hours. His first two- three weeks I had to wake him!! Ahh! He went over six hours once. I am wishing for that again! Ha.

- Nursing started pretty rough this time. It was very painful for the first two and a half weeks or so, but it's finally gotten much better.

- Griffin has been great so far. He loves cuddling Grady and is constantly giving him kisses and hugs. He does touch him while he is napping, which is annoying. Ha.

- As far as a "schedule", I have been much more laid back with Grady. With Griffin, he pretty much followed the "eat-play-sleep" routine. I am gonna aim for that with Grady too, but not stress over it. I watched the clock like a hawk with Griffin and stressed if he wasn't sleeping when I thought he should be. With Grady, I have been mostly letting him do whatever. I do need to work on him not falling asleep after nursing though.

Love you Grady Pate!

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