Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014: Christmas Morning!

We got home around 10pm Christmas night, put the sleeping children in bed and got to work! We put out Griffin's three Santa presents, filled his stocking and then hit the sack!

He is still young, and we have not pushed the Santa thing. He loves the idea of Santa though. We let him sleep with us so we would know when he had woken up. He didn't remember it was Christmas right away, so I had to remind him.

He was excited to see everything, but not quite as excited as I thought he would be. He was still taking it all in I think. Santa brought him a huge frozen tent, basketball goal, and frozen little castle thing.

After Santa gifts and his stocking, he opened his gifts from us (arts and crafts supplies, games, and frozen play dough set).

Then we packed up and headed to Gallatin to continue the family celebrations.

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