Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014: Louisville Celebrations

We headed up to Louisville the day before Christmas Eve this year. We got to spend some time that day with Papaw, Grandma, Uncle Ed, Uncle D and Uncle Shelly. We played, finished some last minute shopping, and drove around to look at lights that night. We didn't head to the Caverns this year with such a small one, maybe next year again. We drove forever and didn't find much until on the way home we went thru the neighborhood next to Mr.Pates families. They had tons! Gotta remember for next year.

On Christmas Eve, we headed to Aunt Lisa's to celebrate with Papaw's family. I apparently didn't take a single picture, err! We had a blast. We play dirty Santa there and it was a great one this year. Griffin and the other younger ones put on a dance show as well. Ha!

Then we headed to Grandma's for Dinner and presents!

This was Griffins immediate response when asked who should open first :-)

Love his surprise faces!

Uncle Shelly got some grown up practical gifts now that he is an old college grad! Haha

I love our group pics! I am going to do a post of the Christmases past sometime soon.

After this we loaded up and drove home so we could be at our house Christmas morning. It's the first year we have done this and actually celebrated at our house with Santa. We were excited!

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