Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas 2014: Elf & Angel Week One

Our Elf & Angel came back again this year. I was determined that this year they would help teach the real meaning of Christmas... But after a few days of trying to teach a bible verse with them or have some act of kindness to go with them, I was pretty over it! Our mornings are pretty hectic, so that didn't help. And the messages were not really clicking, he just wanted to see where they were then he was over it. So I am just gonna try to be more intentional with the lessons and kindness at night. Here is what they got into this week:

Arrived by Griffins tree with a letter.

Were on the table playing with Griffins crayons. They had a thank you note for us to fill out and cookies for us to deliver to someone.

Listening to Griffins headphones with some verses about praising God and the Angels on the night Jesus was born.

Fishing. We talked about being fishers of men and telling others about Jesus.

I totally forgot to hide them this day... So while he was in the living room I threw them in a bucket in the fridge. Huge hit, he thought it was so funny they wanted to feel more like the North Pole. Whew.

Under the tree with our wooden shoe from Gammy.

Getting some comfort in Grady's bouncer.

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