Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WKU HillllllllllToppers!

Mr.Pate hosted a Continuing Education class for Insurance Agents today for Servpro. They decided to do it at WKU, and picked today because we had a televised home football game tonight. So after the class was over, we got to tailgate and go to the game as a family! (I also got off at 3:30pm because of the game- just one more reason why working at WKU is awesome!)

Griffin was in a people-watching daze most of the time. He was just taking all the commotion in. But he seemed to love it. He cheered for the Toppers and was just the cutest thing there!

Daddy, Griffin and I stalked Big Red around the stadium for a good 20-30 minutes trying to get close for a high five, but of course once we got close Griffin did NOT want to touch him. Oh kids!

Haven, Griffin and I also had a mini photo shoot in the stands, which was very entertaining!

It was a wonderful night- other than how they actually played football!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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