Saturday, October 12, 2013

EKU Trip 2013

(I wrote this post awhile ago now, but was waiting to add pictures from the real camera... But at this point it doesn't look like I'll make time for that before Christmas! Ha! So something's better than nothing, right?) 

Last Fall we took a weekend and visited Uncle Shelly at EKU, and we had an absolute blast. So we couldn't wait to visit again this Fall!

So a few weekends ago, Mr.Pate, Uncle D, Griffin and I loaded up and headed to Richmond. We stayed at the Red Roof Inn again, and I tell you they have the best customer service ever. Highly recommend them if you are going to Richmond. Plus their EKU rate is so cheap!

It was fun to see how much older Griffin was this trip. He LOVED the elevator. Might have been his favorite part. Too cute. Friday night we just got dinner at Cracker Barrel and then hung out at the hotel.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the airport with Sheldon. (For those who haven't read for long here, Sheldon is in school studying Aviation and works at the airport) This was the part of the trip we were all soo excited for! Mr.Pate and Uncle D were gonna fly with Sheldon!

So we played around the airport a little, griffin got to get in a plane and play some, then the guys took off! Poor Griffin cried like crazy for a few minutes bc he couldn't go up too, but he rebounded quickly. They got to fly over Richmond and see campus, our hotel, Sheldon's house etc. they even did a few tricks ;-)

Then we headed to the park to play for awhile. Griffin even sang an assortment of songs for his swing buddy (a mix of God's Not Dead and "windows down cruz" to show we like to keep people guessing). Then we ate some super yummy food at Madison Square and discovered that Griffin Pate liked wings. Then griffin and I napped in the car while the boys played some disc golf. After that we headed to the hotel and swam. Their pool was as warm as bath water! Griffin did really well in the pool, and loved being with the boys playing ball and racing. Then we grabbed some Mexican and did a bit of shopping at TJ Maxx.

Sunday we walked around campus some, then went to church with Uncle Shelly. Griffin sang during worship and it was the most precious thing I have ever heard. Then we headed home.

It was a fabulous weekend and was a great mini getaway for us. I love our family!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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