Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bright Lights Red City, part Two!

Today was Homecoming Day- and FULL for the Pate family! Whew! But it was also a wonderful day.

It started with Griffin sleeping until 8 am!! What?!! I am not sure of that has ever happened before, but it was awesome. To celebrate, he and I watched Madagascar 2 when we got up, which was cuter than I expected.

Then we headed to the BCM's Alumni vs Students Flag Football game. Mr. Pate helped start this event last year and didn't even have enough to really play. This year there were tons of players on both teams AND people there to cheer them on! Yay! Griffin was a little shy at first, but he played a little and had a good time.

Then Griffin and I headed over to tailgating with my work. Griffin was in a great mood and just ran all around happy as could be.

Then Griffin took a nap in the van while daddy and uncle d spent some time at the BCM and headed to the game (and mommy played on her phone in the van!). He actually took a 1 &1/2 hour nap in the van surprisingly! Then we met daddy an uncle d at the football game. It was pretty windy up there, but we still had a good time. Wish WKU would get it together and start winning more often though!

We left after halftime and came home to thaw out and get dressed for our last event of the night- the Monster Dash. Daddy had the idea for the boys to be "ketchup, mustard, and a hot dog". So stinkin cute!! I was a part of Gammy Becky's Bunko Party. We got to walk around and trick or treat, which Griffin ended up really enjoying. Yay!

It was quite the busy day, but really fun too! And I must say that Griffin Pate was the best behaved, most fun to be around kid all day long! AND he used the potty all day and kept his pull up dry, even with all the running about. All day people. So awesome!!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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