Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We are just goofing off around here...

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What have we been up to? Just enjoying "normal" days with our fun little family! Griffin is a hoot these days, and is constantly making us crack up. Other random thoughts from my life recently:
- my kid is becoming more independent and capable everyday! He loves getting to "help" around the house now by doing things like putting clothes from the washer into the dryer (I hand him each piece of clothing, which prob triples the time it takes, ha!), carrying things around, putting things up, etc. so cute!
- I am really trying to get back into cooking our old favorite meals at home, instead of eating out. It feels good to be home and it is funny how we forgot how yummy these recipes are!
- Griff is a big fan of porcupine meatballs and mini meatloaves. Yay!
- We had major sleep regression around here the past two weeks. Pretty sure teething was the culprit, but I started cuddling him to sleep which QUICKLY became a habit (one I really enjoyed mostly). But he also had several nights where he was awake for hours in the middle of the night and was not happy about it! Ick! So this past weekend we Finally had to "cry it out". It sucked. Horribly. BUT griffin is back to going to sleep on his own, so Praise the Lord!
- It's MASTER Plan week at WKU, which is the freshmen "orientation" here kinda. Translation- work is NUTS!!! And to top it off, we are having all kinds of crazy IT issues. Oh joy....
- The past two Mondays have been some of my favorite nights of the summer. We had dinner at home with Uncle D (Dustin), took a lovely walk around our neighborhood, and played in the yard. Love it.
- Mr.Pate and I went on a date Friday night. It was wonderful and simple and "normal". We just got dinner at a local place we had never been to, On the Bone. Pretty good! Then we walked around downtown which was super enjoyable because there was a Concerts in the Park going on and the weather was awesome. Shout out to Susan for being our go to babysitter so we could go out! Sorry little man passed out early (again, I think you have magic powers!).

That about sums it up. hope you're enjoying this wonderful weather lately.

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