Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Those dang teen moms

1. I didn't even know that tonight's episode of teen mom was the series finale. I figured it out at the end and felt unprepared for that to be my last episode! Ah!

2. The amber and Gary situation is just so heartbreaking and ridiculous. Leah is such a cute and sweet kid. I hate to think of how she will be effected by all of this. Amber is an emotional wreck and Gary is the biggest jerk I have ever seen.

3. Does anyone else feel like people only date these moms (or baby daddy's) to be on tv? I think ambers new guy (and remember that one that she met at Walmart?), Daniel who dated Farrah, and Dalis are straight up just trying to be on tv. The only one I don't feel like that about is Kyle.

4. Ryan drives me nuts. Why can't he get along with Maci? And why in the world does his lawyer say he is "more fit" for custody than her? Yes a guy who lives with his parents is more fit than the mom who had stayed with and supported the kid from day one while Ryan was out partying with his friends. Idiot.

5. I recently got on twitter... Well I downloaded the app and followed some people, I don actually tweet. Anyhow, tonight people kept tweeting that Maci and Ryan took the high road and have done well. What are they talking about? Did I miss some kind of extra interview?

6. Tyler's anger issue straight up came from nowhere. All of the sudden they are dealin with that and sharing regrets... Seriously why haven't you been sharing that with us all long?!!

7. I tried to share these things with Mr.Pate when he got home from work.... He was less than interested!! Haha.

8. Farrah straight up gets on nerves.

That is all for now.


  1. Yay! Thank you for updating me. We don't have cable anymore and I loved watching this show. Did i just admit that??? Anyway, great recap!!! Thanks!!!

    Is amber in jail?

    Is farrah living with her daughter again??

    Maci and kyle engaged? still living together? chatt or nashvegas?

    tyler and his girl still engaged? have they seen carlee again?

    Are they still doing shows about the other group of girls? How are the twins?

    ok done.

  2. How did I not know that you loved this show too?? Haha!

    1. Amber is in jail, for 5 years I believe. I am still not fully informed and she was not in jail on the final episode. They are doing the "reunion show" over the next 2 weeks so ill keep you posted.

    2. Farrah is living with her daughter in Florida.

    3. Maci and Kyle were not engaged as of last nights episode. But they bought a house together in Chatt. Ryan has a girlfriend who is drama. Ryan is trying to get 50/50 custody supposedly.

    4. Ty and Catlyn are still engaged. They are living on their own and going to college. They saw Carlee right before they graduated for the "2 year old" visit. His dad is back in jail after BEATING catlyn's mom.

    5. Yes Teen Mom 2 is about to start their next season. I dont know much about them, not a huge fan of that one.

  3. Maci and Kyle broke up this past winter. I guess that will be talked about on the reunion show. She dated another guy, named kyle, but is now single again.

    I know way too much. I tend to google them while I watch the show! HA!

  4. Love it Crystal! haha! Well maybe I was wrong about Kyle- maybe he was just on there for the show? Who knows.