Sunday, August 26, 2012


1. I have now added a "Page" for Crockpot recipes on Patelife. Just come my blog, look to the right and click on "One-Stop-Crock-Pot (Recipes)". Now it will be easy peasy to find some quick and low maintenance recipes. Youre welcome.

2. Dont forget that you can help bring an orphan home to his forever family! For only $10 you can get a Moses Ornament to hang on your tree this year. I love my adoption ornaments, they remind me of the real reason we celebrate- because our Savior came to the world to die for our sins so we could be adopted as sons (and daughters) of the One and Only God! Wow!! Interested in ordering one? Message me or check out this post to see more info. Help us out!!!!!!

3. WKU's Fall semester starts tomorrow. Whew. I am tired thinking about it.

4. I love my church family. I just do.

5. I have had way to much caffeine yesterday and today. Stupid. I couldnt get to sleep until 2 am last night because of this issue. Did I mention I am stupid? Blah!

6. I gotta go stuff some diapers. Worst part of cloth diapering... and its really not even that bad. I just watch tv while doing it. Pain free. Which means you should think about using cloth diapers if you have a small human.

7. My small human is such a hoot these days. Love love love him.

8. Is there anything you would like me to write about (whoever "you" who read this blog are!)??

9. I need to go get my hair trimmed.

10. And goodnight :-)

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