Monday, August 6, 2012

Not as young as I once was...

Whew! Today we took our youth to Holiday World. I love love love amusement parks and especially water parks. But man- I am feeling about 60 after a whole day riding rides and meandering around that park!

We rode the Mammoth- which I HIGHLY recommend. It was a great waterslide, and very different than any I have ever been on. It was actually the only waterslide we did, because our group decided to do it twice instead of waiting for any others. It just made all of them pale in comparison.

The second time we went on it, we decided to ride as "single riders" so we could go straight to the front and be added on when they just needed one more. Which meant we were all rising with strangers. I was the first from our group to go, an The family I rode with were very nice. Right after my raft got to the bottom, the whole ride stopped!! I mean, shut off while people were on it! Suddenly I saw people from our group and their raft group walking back up from the ride trail (it was Dustin and McKenna Hill). The staff had to go let them down with a ladder!! Everyone was safe and fine, FYI.

What happened was one of the rafts was getting to close to another one, so the rides automatic safety feature shut it completely off so that no rafts crashed into each other. That's a pretty neat safety feature! So they all said it wasn't very scary or anything and they got right back on, but it made for one heck of an adventure!

We rode a few wooden roller coasters, hence why I feel like I am 60 right now! We had a blast and I feel like I got some great one on one time with a few of the you. Yay!

Now for bed so this 60 year old can get up and drag herself to work!!

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