Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 Months Old!

10 Months Old

And with the blink of an eye, my baby boy is 10 months old! Wow. It has been a pretty big month for us around here too, as you can see. He is just getting so "grown up"! 

10 Month Stats:
  • We dont go back to the doctor until 12 months, but we put him on our scale the other day and he was around 18 & 1/2 lbs. 
  • He is wearing 6-9 month and 12 month clothing. 
  • We are still breastfeeding! He is actually finishing all his bottles at daycare, so that is exciting! 
  • He is eating mostly table foods these days. His favorite foods right now are: smoked chicken (he cannot get enough!), peas, dinner rolls, yogurt, and rice cereal. He also eats pears and peaches a lot at daycare- but refuses to eat them at home! Silly kid! 
  • He is great at drinking out of his sippy cup, and will also drink from a  regular cup when we hold it for him. 
  • He is mainly taking 2 naps a day now. 
  • Griffin still doesnt sleep thru the night. On good nights we are up only once to eat. But he has been getting his two front teeth and waking all the freakin time! Oh sleep- I cant wait to see you again one day, lol!
  • He is walking! Not full time, but he is choosing to walk over crawl more and more! 
  • When you pat his back, he pats your back. Precious. 
  • He is now loving books and can actually sit and open the board book and turn the pages. Its cute to see him sit and look at a book. 
  • He started dancing now! It is sooo cute, anytime he hears some type of music he bounces or shakes. 
We are having a blast with our little guy these days. He has a very social personality and will smile at anyone. He babbles all day long and is always on the move!! I am soooo excited about having some summer fun with my guys over the next few months. I cannot believe that he will be turning 1 in just 2 months.... oh my goodness! 

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