Monday, May 11, 2009

thoughts on getting a job #2

this morning i had a "job screen" for a job with community action. what is a job screen you ask? i didnt have a clue either! ha! on friday morning, i got a call from community action asking me if they could schedule a phone job screen for monday morning. i said yes, still having no idea what it meant. and then this morning i waited for the call. 

a job screen is a "pre-interview" phone interview that helps the company weed thru applicants and pick the best for the position to actually bring in for an interview. they ask a series of generic questions, and are not allowed to clarify or deviate away from the questions in the screen. this is so that everyone has the exact same screening.

so i was asked questions about what kind of worker i would describe myself as, how i deal with conflict, what type of work environment i prefer etc.  

i decided i should share a few things you should always know about yourself incase you have a job interview. put these on the fridge if you need! ha!:

1. have a list of 5 adjectives that describe you handy (bc we all know that thinking of adjectives other than fun and cool is hard on the spot)
2. think up and write down a few different examples of a time you have dealt with conflict management in a previous job
3. a list of your top strengths and weaknesses... i always hate that question! 

thats all i can think of for now, but you get the point. i am definitely going to make a cheat sheet for next time! 

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