Friday, May 8, 2009

rain, rain go away! come back another day!

i feel like it has been raining FOREVER!! i could obviously never live in seattle. anyhow, it has rained off and one for over a week. which is good in some ways... but not so good in lots of other ways. so here are my reasons for it being good and not so good...

the good list:
1. rain makes things grow
2. rain is soothing to sleep to
3. rain relieves humidity
4. rain is wet... eliminating the worry of your hair being frizzy or you being sweaty!
the not so good list:
1. rain makes my grass grow- and i now live in a jungle
2. when you have to get up early and be a grown up, rain doesnt help the cause!
3. rain makes things slick and might cause you to fall
4. rain is wet... making the bottom of your pants soppy and you super cold and wet also...
5. rain makes my dog wet... then he comes in and makes everything else wet and gross! 

as you can see, i really think that the bad outweighs the good. now I know that weather is in God's hands and not mine, and who am i to judge the job he is doing. i am simply requesting He consider giving us a few dry, breezy and sunny days! 

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