Saturday, May 9, 2009

thoughts on getting a job #1

i have decided that while i endeavor to get a new job, i will share with you guys what i learn or realize along the way. maybe some of it will be helpful, but most of this will prob just be showing you my frustration with this process. here we go!

thoughts on getting a job #1

do future employers expect you to keep a database of all previous job information from your entire life? i just applied to a retail company for a part time summer job. i had to give them my entire life on paper. seriously. they wanted me to list every job i have had in the last ten years. TEN YEARS! 

and here is the thing, i know all the jobs i have ever worked. but i had to give them the phone numbers, name of supervisors, amount i got paid etc. maybe i am the only one here, but i did write down nor do i remember my supervisor from sonic when i was 17's name. some of the places i worked dont even exist anymore. 

lesson number one- keep a database of everything you ever do in life, so then you will always have it when some company has enough time to look thru where you have w
orked in the last ten years. they must has a booming business. 

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