Friday, May 29, 2009

poison ivy- why do you love me so?

yep, thats right, i have poison ivy AGAIN! 

for those of you who dont know, i am extremely allergic (read:sensitive) to poison ivy. during spring break 2008 while on a mission trip in Arlington, TX , i got a little poison ivy... no thats an understatement. i was attacked by poison ivy. i had it all over my face, legs and stomach. and i had to drive us back 10 hours with it. 

dont worry, the story gets worse.

i went to the doctor and got pills and cremes. it didnt go away. i got a shot and more creme. it didnt go away. i got another shot. it did not go away! i got super strength steroids, a super dose shot and super dose creme. it went away. 

it took an entire month of my life last year. literally! 

so on monday (memorial day) i started itching. i assumed it was a bug bite, i mean i was outside all night with some fabulous company. 

no such luck! on tuesday morning i realized it was a patch of something... something that looked familiar... something i had seen before... "ahhh man is it really poison ivy?"!!! yep. i somehow got a case of poison ivy on my stomach, in my belly button (yes IN), on my side and on my back- only in the curve of my spine (how the heck do you get it there?). 

so right now i am putting the cremes on it (since i happen to have an abundance on hand) and trying my absolute hardest to not scratch. and so far no spreading... if it doesnt spread then i am not going to get the shot... but if it does i am just going to ask for the super stuff from the beginning. 

it is miserable to think about and desire to do something all day long but not be able to do it... and i know that is a great segue into comparing this to our spiritual lives but it is one in the morning and i cant sleep because i am itching so bad, so no spiritual application for me right now. 

oh- and we leave for youth camp on monday! ha great great timing i have. as usual... and where the heck did i get this stuff anyways?? geez! 

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