Monday, May 18, 2009

day 1 of unemployment

here is a snapshot of my first day of unemployment:

woke up at 7:20am b/c a 75 lb dog was sitting on me.
quickly fed my dog, my cat and tommy's dog bandana (who is staying w/ us for the week).
tried to coax bandana out of his kennel (he loves that thing).
got bandana out of the kennel and down the hallway (headed outside).
saw my dog, joey, peeing on a chair! 
yelled furiously and smacked his nose.
got both dogs outside finally.
began cleaning up the little mess my dog had left me! 
finally sat down with some coffee and had some time with the Lord. 
took the dogs for a walk.
scoured frugal blogs to find deals before i went grocery shopping... turned out to be wasted time, saved no money with coupons this week.
watched a girly movie.
went to the grocery store and ran some errands.
read websites about interview questions to prepare.
went to a job interview at community action.
got home right when the hubby did! yay.
cooked dinner.
ate dinner on our patio, fabulous!
sent the hubby to work at starbucks.
cleaned the kitchen, did laundry and more laundry.
watched the season finale of one tree hill... way to go nathan (oth fans will understand).
currently surfing the net waiting for hubby to get home so we can sleep!!! 

sounds like a ton, but i swear if felt like the slowest day ever!!

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