Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sweatshirts n S'mores 2017

Once again, our tribe descended upon the lake house in matching sweatshirts and full of laughter! Words never describe how much these ladies mean to me. To have a group who love the Lord fiercely, remind me of His faithfulness right when I need it most, and make me laugh until my face literally aches is a gift from the Lord that I do not take for granted. This group has worked hard to stay in touch though miles apart and really practically love on each other in so many tangible and intangible ways. And I am so thankful.

Elizabeth got us all Luke's Diner mugs!! Did I mention we may all be majorly obsessed with Gilmore Girls?! Haha! Although we have to love each other in spite of being on different teams (#teamloganalways #teamjessareweirdos #wecanallagreeonteamlukethough)! !

I won't tell you just how many pictures were taken to get these keepers... but I will say it involved some FUNNY moments with a selfie stick... enough said :-)

And of course, what happens at the lake house, stays at the lake house! Ahhh

The food was on point as always. Everything was delicious as always, but I snapped a picture of this beautiful panna cotta Amanda just whipped up... how fancy!

Have I mentioned we literally eat, then sit in the living room and talk for hours and hours on these trips. That's all. And yet the time flies by and before we know it we have been sitting there for seven or eight hours straight! No TV, no media, just us talking- about literally everything under the sun.

And we realized we were in the same spots to recreate a picture of our squad all the way back in 2006, at Mel's bachelorette party! But I am pretty sure that picture didn't take nearly as many tries as this years! Haha

This group is the definition of #squadgoals and I pray all of you find a group that loves you, supports you, and entertains you as much as they do me.


And ps, how cute are our sweatshirts this year?! Love them!

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