Saturday, March 4, 2017

January in Review

Some recap on what we had going on in January:

Dad and Mr. Pate were twinning at church :-)

We got Trolls operation for Christmas. On his turn, Grady just puts the tweezers on the metal to feel it buzz and laughs. Haha!

The lease was finally signed on our new building for church! We are sooo excited about this next step for our church. Many of our people met at the building to see it (there will be renovations so we won't be in for awhile). How cute are these kids?!

And the new building happens to be next door to El Maz... so of course we all went and ate after!

I took the boys to the mall to buy Daddy's birthday present. Shortly after we got our food and I snapped this picture, Griffin had to potty. So I had to take all our food in to the bathroom... gross!

Griffin got a Sciene Experiments kit for Christmas, so we worked on one...

And we have been working on our reading a bunch. It's amazing to me how great he is doing!

Mr.Pate and I went on a date to a Brazilian steakhouse in Nashville where they walk meat around and carve it off at your table. So much food. So delicious. Very expensive. You turn this little thing over to red when you are done, or green if you want them to keep the meet coming. And the grilled pineapple is SO DELICIOUS! We went with a big group of friends and had a ball!

Oh and Kyle's (Jilli's boyfriend) episode of Nashville came on! So fun to see someone you know on TV!!

We had our annual Shogun Birthday Celebration...

We loved on Baby Porter...

And we played "What Ya Mouth"

I will do a separate post on Sweatshirts n S'mores, but I will put this collage where we recreated a picture from a long time ago right here, haha!

Griffin had his 100th day of school...

How cute is he?!!

And he was Bear of the Week!

Jilli had Senior Night... I cannot believe she is graduating High School soon!! Wow!

Watching her dance the senior routine was awesome... and she is coached by the same coach I had all those years ago. How fun?!

It was a busy start to the year, but a good one!

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